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Kickstart your PADI diving career with the FIFTY SIX DIVE Koh Tao divemaster internship.


If your ultimate goal is to get work after completing your Divemaster on Koh Tao (or elsewhere), but you don’t yet feel experienced enough to snag one of the top jobs, this is the course for you. Our Koh Tao divemaster internship has been specifically designed to give you the hands-on experience, practice time, and feedback you need to succeed.

Divemaster Internship


The experience gained from an internship can be very beneficial for future employers, as it shows you already have plenty of experience with customers. On completion of your internship, we can provide you with references for prospective employers, and we’ll even help you write your scuba diving resume so your applications have the best chance of success


Why take a Koh Tao Divemaster internship, specifically? That’s easy. Playing an active role in all aspects of logistics at our dive school on Koh Tao stands you in good stead for working anywhere. Our island is the number one destination for scuba diving worldwide, and as such, we are busy for most of the year. So you’ll get plenty of experience, guaranteed!


While the FIFTY SIX DIVE Koh Tao Divemaster course is more comprehensive than many others, PADI standards prevent you from leading certified divers unaccompanied until you are qualified. Your first time taking out real-life customers can feel quite daunting. So taking an internship to gain more on-the-job experience and feedback can prove invaluable. 

Our Koh Tao Divemaster internship runs over  4 weeks and has been designed to allow you to undertake all of the activities you are now certified to do, with the added bonus of having one of our experienced instructors provide continual feedback, helping to improve your performance and increase your confidence.


We include everything you need to get the most out of your time with us. When you take your Koh Tao Divemaster internship with FIFTY SIX DIVE, there are no hidden costs. The course price includes:

  • Free pick-up from the pier upon arrival to Koh Tao

  • Free equipment rental

  • Access to all of our dive school facilities

  • Exclusive FIFTY SIX DIVE mask strap and T-shirt

  • The opportunity to learn from numerous experienced dive professionals

  • A dedicated Divemaster mentor

  • Real-life, hands-on experience and feedback

  • Discounted accommodation options

  • Discounts on equipment purchases

  • Amazing dive shop location

  • Free WIFI at the dive centre

  • Complimentary tea, coffee, water and fresh pineapple on the boat

The best bit? If you got certified on one of our Divemaster Packages that included specialties, you’ll get the opportunity to put your new skills and knowledge into practice by assisting on a wider range of Koh Tao diving courses (like Deep Diver and Wreck Diver training programs) and taking out customers who want to dive on Enriched Air Nitrox.


Not only will you be carrying out the duties of a working PADI Divemaster and visiting even more fantastic Koh Tao dive sites. We’ll also introduce you to other essential parts of the scuba industry that don't form part of the standard PADI Divemaster course.  

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of exactly what you’ll get up to on your 4 week Koh Tao Divemaster internship:

  • Briefing and guiding certified divers.

  • Running PADI ReActivate programs (refresher courses).

  • Assisting on Specialty Diving Courses (if qualified to do so).

  • Learning sales techniques (PADI Divemasters can significantly increase their income by selling equipment and continuing education courses). 

  • Getting an introduction to equipment servicing.

  • Developing exemplary customer service skills.

  • Making boatmaster lists and handling dive trip logistics.

  • Learning more about how dive centres operate from a sales, marketing, and admin perspective.


The FIFTY SIX DIVE MSDT Instructor Internship costs 10,000THB

Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information before you book


Enrolling on Professional Diving Courses on Koh Tao requires a few more prerequisites than taking recreational diving courses. Divemaster participants must:

  • Be a certified PADI instructor

  • Be in current PADI status

  • Have diving insurance

  • Be medically fit for diving, and have a PADI medical questionnaire signed by a physician (within the previous 12 months)


Got questions? Feel free to drop us a line anytime. However, these most frequently asked questions may help cover the basics.

When is the best time to take a Divemaster Internship?

It’s best to take your internship right after you get certified as an instructor while everything from the IDSC is still fresh in your memory. It’s also worth considering an Instructor Internship on Koh Tao if you’re moving back to the island after a few years of being inactive and want an in-depth refresher before you start handing out CVs to begin teaching independently again.


Why choose FIFTY SIX DIVE for my Divemaster Internship?

We know we’re not the only dive school on Koh Tao offering MSDT Internships. So, what makes us stand out? In short, we offer the best of it all - location, experience, and professionalism. We’re PADI 5-star rated, and all of our instructors have a minimum rating of Master Scuba Diver Trainer themselves, meaning they have heaps of experience and expertise to pass on. We have on-site Scubapro technicians to introduce you to the finer details of equipment servicing. Plus, our Koh Tao dive shop has a fantastic location right on Sairee Beach.

Will I get paid during my Divemaster Internship?

You don't get paid while you’re in training because we still need to pay our instructors to teach and mentor you. However, if you sell any equipment or dive courses while you’re working on your internship, there is a possibility to earn some sales commission.

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