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Divemaster training, learing how to be a divemaster

Get paid to go diving


Do you have a passion for diving?


Are you looking to be a better diver?


Have you ever thought about becoming a dive professional?


Maybe it’s a change in lifestyle or a new career you’re looking for?

If so, the Divemaster course is for you!


Divemaster: About Us


Koh Tao is known for it's year round warm clear water, which means you can start your Divemaster course anytime.  Along with warm clear waters, Koh Tao has an abundance of dive sites for all levels.  This gives you the opportunity to experience many types of dives while your here from muck dives, to deep water dives you can even wreck dive here.  Having so many dives sites locally means we have a lot of flexibility of where we can dive and can cater the site to the needs to the course.

With so many dives you will never get bored of the marine life we have on Koh Tao.  The biggest attraction being of course the opportunity to dive with whale sharks.  Along with a vast variety of tropical reef fish we also have 2 species of turtle, Rays and Eels that call Koh Tao home.  If your into the small things in life, the dive sites of Koh Tao have some truly amazing nudibrachs, sea horses and octopus.

As you can see whether you are on a training dive or just fun diving during your course, Koh Tao has a location to suit everybody.  this is why the island is so popular for diver training.


The Divemaster course is not all diving and study - we want to give you a taste of the lifestyle too – exactly what you’ve been dreaming about.

On Koh Tao you are very lucky to have many things to do with your down time, from snorkeling (you can see black tip reef sharks and turtles), hiking, rock climbing, flying trapeze or just enjoying a chilled day on one of the many beautiful beaches.

Koh Tao Video


The PADI Divemaster course is the first professional level along the PADI career ladder. Upon completion of this course you will gain a phenomenal amount of new skills, knowledge and confidence that will allow you to guide certified divers, assist instructors in training new divers and prepare you to become an instructor yourself.


The average duration for the Divemaster Course is between 6-8 weeks depending on your current certification level.


“When would I be able to start?”


As the Divemaster Course has a very flexible schedule we can cater the program to your individual needs, which means you can start any time during the year.



So what will you actually be doing with these 6-8 weeks while having the time of your life?



The PADI Dive Master course has the longest duration of any program PADI offers. As you can imagine there is lots for you to learn, but here is a brief overview of the course:

  • Theory sessions learning about how to be a dive professional and increasing your general diving knowledge


  • Pool skill circuits leaning how to demonstrate skills at an instructor level


  • Review of previous courses to ensure your understanding and skills are up to date with current requirements


  • Swimming tests to show your in water abilities

  • Learning how to set up and run a dive trip in a leadership roll


  • How to brief and lead certified divers confidently


  • Dive site mapping


  • Assisting instructors on many PADI Courses: Open water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue, Discover scuba Diving and PADI ReActivate


  • In water and theory workshops so you can gain confidence before doing them for real.


And lots, lots more!


At F I F T Y 5 6 S I X the PADI Divemaster Course costs 35,000 THB 


  • Unlimited fun diving during your F I F T Y 5 6 S I X Divemaster course

  • Free equipment rental

  • Access to all dive school facilities

  • Unlimited water, tea & coffee

  • Exclusive F I F T Y 5 6 S I X mask strap and T-shirt

  • A chance to learn from numerous experienced dive professionals

  • Real life, hands-on experience

  • FREE pick up from Pier upon arrival to Koh Tao

  • Amazing dive shop location

  • Free WIFI at the dive centre

  • Discounted accommodation options from dorms to private aircon rooms

  • Tea/coffee/water and fresh pineapple on the boat

  • Discount on equipment purchases

Divemaster Package Deals Available click here

hot sexy scuba dive model
Sunset Koh Tao PADI Flag
Diver under water blowing bubbles


You will also require the PADI materials (Digital crew pack with slate Pak) at a price of 7,900 THB



  • Divemaster e-Learning

  • ReActivate e-Learning

  • Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving

  • Digital Divemaster Slates

  • Digital DSD Cue Card

  • Digital e-RDPml (Recreational Dive Planner)




  • PADI Instructor Manual with Ring Binder

  • PADI Laptop Bag

  • Divemaster Underwater Cue Cards

  • PADI Logbook

The PADI standards require you to have 5 pieces of safety equipment. Dive Knife or cutting tool, SMB (Surface Marker), Reel, Slate, and Compass.  Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these items, At F I F T Y 5 6 S I X you can purchase any you need at a discounted price.  


On completion of your Divemaster course an application fee of $231 AUD will need to be sent to PADI.



Looking for the right place to do your Divemaster course can be quite overwhelming, especially with so many dive schools to choose from.   So why choose F I F T Y 5 6 S I X? That is a great question.


F I F T Y 5 6 S I X is a PADI 5 star dive center located in the center of Sairee Beach Koh Tao.  We are a medium size dive school with a focus on providing quality of service and training over quantity of certifications.  Being a medium size dive school really allows you to feel apart of the F I F T Y 5 6 S I X Family and not just another trainee at the center, which can happen at some of the bigger schools on the island.  This also allows you to get a much more hands on approach in your training, as you wont have many other trainees all fighting to complete the same tasks.


Here F I F T Y 5 6 S I X we have two onsite qualified Scubapro technicians to maintain and service all the equipment.  This ensures that the free equipment rental you receive is not just the old worn out gear that never gets used, but is top of the line fully functioning and safe for diving.

We also offer the following


Depending on your own schedule you will spend between 6-8 weeks with us, receiving quality training from experienced instructors preparing you to be a confident dive professional.  The Divemaster course has no fixed schedule so we can be as flixible as you wany us to be.


F I F T Y 5 6 S I X run additional in water and classroom based workshops.  We cover topics such as buoyancy, navigation and dive leading in the ocean, while in the classroom we go into more details about safe dive practices and risk management.  Making you a better safer dive professional.


During your F I F T Y 5 6 S I X Diemaster course you can assist on as many Openwater, Advanced and Rescue courses as you like.  There is no better way to learn how to help divers than actually being with them while learning and answering real world questions


Unlike many other dive schools F I F T Y 5 6 S I X has a dedicated Divemaster mentor who oversees every part of your training program.  Having one point of contact makes your whole experience that much more enjoyable.

Scuba Training in Swimming Pool


  • Certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue Diver (or equivalent)

  • 18 Years Old

  • 40 Logged Dives

  • Completed EFR Primary and Secondary Care training within 24 months

  • Medically Cleared for diving by a physician with in 12 months


(If you have less than the required amount of dives to start the Divemaster Course, do not worry; we will get you up to the right number in no time.)

Not certified to required level at the moment? please check out our Divemaster Packages form more options

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