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Divemaster training, learing how to be a divemaster



The Divemaster rating is the first rung on the PADI pro ladder and the start of an entirely different (and better!) way of life. Spend 6-8 weeks becoming part of the FIFTY SIX DIVE family, exploring the best Koh Tao dive sites, developing heaps of new skills, and learning how to guide certified divers and assist instructors with new diver training.


Divemaster: About Us


In short, because Koh Tao has it all. But the chances are, you’re not here for the short version…

Very few other places offer the same level of high-quality training, affordable prices, and amazing tropical island lifestyle. But we realise you have options. So why should you take your Divemaster on Koh Tao?


  • The PADI Divemaster course includes lots of underwater exploration, and the variety of diving on Koh Tao is fantastic. There are around 56 dive sites, ranging from sandy bays and coral reefs to pinnacles, wall dives, and wrecks.


  • The abundance of dive sites in close proximity to the island means you get more time fun diving and assisting on other Koh Tao diving courses, rather than spending hours a day in transit.


  • You’ll see lots of incredible marine life while you’re diving. Koh Tao is often visited by passing whale sharks, and we also have two resident species of turtle, plenty of rays and eels, a plethora of vibrant tropical fish, and lots of macro life like nudibranchs.

  • Thanks to our all-year-round diving season, you can start your course and become a PADI Divemaster on Koh Tao anytime. So you don't need to plan your trip for a specific season.


  • We’re the world leader in entry-level scuba training. More people learn to dive on Koh Tao than in any other location worldwide, meaning there’s always plenty of courses to assist on.

  • The above is also true of professional diving courses on Koh Tao, which makes the learning environment much more fun as you’ll always have buddies to learn and practice with.

  • PADI Instructor Training courses are scheduled here every month. So if you want to continue your diving education and become an Instructor/take an Instructor Internship, Koh Tao is a logical choice.


  • A true melting pot of culture, the Koh Tao diving community is a large group of supportive, fun, and passionate souls from all over the world - which is great for networking if you’re looking to find work afterwards. 

Taking your Divemaster on Koh Tao gives you a taste of authentic island life. After all, the course isn’t all about diving and studying. The island is also great for rock climbing, yoga, hiking, paddle boarding, beach chilling, and so much more (including partying, of course!).

Koh Tao Video


The PADI Divemaster course provides you with a phenomenal number of new skills, expert knowledge, and the confidence you need to guide certified divers, assist with new divers in training, and prepare to become a PADI Instructor. 

Depending on your current certification level and how much time you have to spend on Koh Tao, Divemaster courses take 6-8 weeks to complete. It is the longest of all the PADI diving programs, providing ample time to learn, practice, perfect your skills, and gain invaluable experience and feedback. 


We include everything you need to get the most out of your time with us. When you take your PADI Divemaster on Koh Tao with FIFTY SIX DIVE, there are no hidden costs. The course price includes:

  • Free pick-up from the pier upon arrival to Koh Tao

  • Free equipment rental

  • Unlimited fun diving throughout your course

  • Access to all of our dive school facilities

  • Exclusive FIFTY SIX DIVE mask strap and T-shirt

  • The opportunity to learn from numerous experienced dive professionals

  • A dedicated Divemaster mentor

  • Hands-on experience and feedback

  • Discounted accommodation options

  • Discounts on equipment purchases

  • Amazing dive shop location

  • Free WIFI at the dive centre

  • Complimentary tea, coffee, water and fresh pineapple on the boat

Want to bundle in some other Koh Tao diving certifications to gain even more experience and maximise your employment potential? Check out our PADI Divemaster Packages for more info!


There’s no escaping dive theory we’re afraid. Like all Professional Diving Courses on Koh Tao, comprehensive academic training is a must (along with plenty of practical experience, of course) to ensure you have a solid knowledge base to kickstart your diving career. But it’s not like being back in school, we promise! The theory sessions on your Koh Tao Divemaster course are fun and interactive, and there’s definitely much more dive time than classroom time! 


Here’s a more detailed breakdown of exactly what you’ll cover during your 6-8 weeks with us:

  • A review of previous courses to ensure your understanding and skills are up to date 

  • Theory sessions to increase your general diving knowledge

  • Classroom basics on how to be a dive professional 

  • Shallow water skill circuits to learn how to demonstrate skills

  • Swimming assessments to demonstrate your in-water abilities​

  • Practising how to set up and run dive trips in a leadership role

  • Learning how to brief and lead certified divers confidently

  • Dive site mapping

  • Assisting instructors on other PADI Courses, including Discover Scuba Diving, PADI ReActivate, Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, and PADI Specialty Courses.

  • Participating in simulated workshops to gain confidence and feedback before doing them for real.

  • And lots, lots more!

hot sexy scuba dive model
Sunset Koh Tao PADI Flag
Diver under water blowing bubbles


To complete your Divemaster on Koh Tao, you’ll need to purchase the PADI materials (Digital crew pack and slates), which cost 7,900THB. The pack includes:

  • Divemaster e-Learning materials

  • ReActivate e-Learning materials

  • Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving

  • Digital Divemaster Slates

  • Digital DSD Cue Card

  • Digital e-RDPml (Recreational Dive Planner)

  • PADI Instructor Manual with Ring Binder

  • PADI Laptop Bag

  • Divemaster Underwater Cue Cards

  • PADI Logbook

PADI standards require Divemasters to have 5 essential pieces of safety equipment (dive knife or cutting tool, surface marker, reel, slate, and compass).  Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these items. When you take your PADI Divemaster course or Koh Tao Divemaster Internship at FIFTY SIX DIVE,  you can purchase anything you need at a discounted price.


The PADI Divemaster Course at FIFTY SIX DIVE costs 35,000THB

If you’re not Rescue Diver certified yet or don’t have enough logged dives to enrol right away, we offer comprehensive Koh Tao Divemaster Packages from just 43,500THB.


Please note that you’ll need to pay your Divemaster application fee of $231 AUD directly to PADI on completion of your course.



When you embark on your new PADI diving career, you’ll want the best. The best training, the best facilities, the best instructors, and the best mentoring and feedback. That’s precisely what you’ll get when you take your Divemaster on Koh Tao at FIFTY SIX DIVE. More specifically:

  • We’re a PADI 5-star dive centre. That means we’re dedicated to providing a full range of PADI diving education programs while encouraging aquatic environmental responsibility.

  • Our Koh Tao dive shop has a fantastic location in the centre of Sairee Beach.

  • We provide quality service and training over quantity of certifications. When you take your Koh Tao Divemaster course with us, you become part of the family, not just ‘another trainee’. 

  • Every FIFTY SIX DIVE instructor has a minimum rating of Master Scuba Diver Trainer, meaning they’ve completed hundreds (or even thousands) of dives, are incredibly knowledgeable, and have heaps of expertise to pass on.

  • We have two on-site Scubapro technicians, ensuring any free rental equipment you use is regularly maintained, serviced, fully functioning, and safe for diving (not just old, worn-out gear that never gets used).


We also offer the following:


There’s no fixed start or end date on the PADI Divemaster course, allowing us to accommodate flexible schedules. Working remotely and need some office days in between workshops? No problem. Want to go on a mini vacation with friends? Also no big deal. We can flex the course to meet your needs.


As part of our commitment to quality over quantity, the team is dedicated to making sure you’re the best - and safest - dive professional you can be. So we provide additional classroom and water-based workshops covering buoyancy, navigation, dive leading, safe dive practices, and risk management.  


PADI stipulates a minimum number of course assists needed to complete the Divemaster program. But experience is king, and there’s no better way to learn than helping more divers and answering real-world questions.  So at FIFTY SIX DIVE, you can assist on as many courses as you like during your DM training.


Unlike at many other Koh tao dive centres (where volume often outpaces quality), FIFTY SIX DIVE has a dedicated Divemaster mentor to oversee every part of the program. Of course, several of our team will be involved in your training, but having a set point of contact ensures a more reliable support structure.

Scuba Training in Swimming Pool


  • Enrolling on professional diving courses on Koh Tao requires a few more prerequisites than taking recreational diving courses. PADI Divemaster participants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.

  • Have at least 40 logged dives.

  • Be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue Diver (or equivalent from another agency).

  • Have a current CPR and first aid certification (within the last 24 months).

  • Be medically fit for diving, and have a PADI medical questionnaire signed by a physician (within the previous 12 months). 

  • If you have less than the required amount of dives, don’t worry. We can get you caught up in no time!

  • Not certified to the required level at the moment? Please check out our Divemaster Packages for more options.


Got questions? Feel free to drop us a line anytime. However, these most frequently asked questions may help cover the basics.

When can I start my PADI Divemaster course?

The PADI Divemaster Course has a very flexible schedule, so we can cater the program to suit individual needs. That means you can start any time because the Koh Tao scuba diving season runs throughout the year (unlike at other locations like on the West coast of Thailand, where it is only 4-6 months long). 

Is the course hard?

Parts of the PADI Divemaster program can be challenging in different ways for different people. That’s why our experienced team is the best choice for your training. If you hit a hurdle with any part of the program, chances are it’s something they’ve come across before and be well-equipped to coach you through.

Why are Koh Tao Divemaster Courses so cheap?

All scuba courses on Koh Tao are known for being cheap, not just professional-level dive courses. But this has nothing to do with the quality of facilities or training. It’s more to do with logistics and the island’s tourism market. Most dive sites are very close by, so Koh Tao diving trips don’t require speedboats or a heap of expensive fuel to run. Also, the island is well known as a backpacker destination, and our prices reflect that.

Do I need to take an internship after the course?

You don’t have to, but it’s a good idea - especially if you want to work afterwards - because the Divemaster job market can be very competitive. The FIFTY SIX DIVE Koh Tao Divemaster Internship has been specifically designed to give you the hands-on experience, practice time, and feedback you need to succeed. 


How do I find work as a PADI Divemaster afterwards?

There are several routes into work once you’ve completed your PADI Divemaster on Koh Tao. At FIFTY SIX DIVE, we hire from within wherever possible. So, if your timing is right, you might end up working for us! Otherwise, we have heaps of excellent industry connections in PADI dive centres across the globe. Plus, PADI has its own job board to help pros connect with potential employers.

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