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Learn to Dive in Thailand

The PADI Open Water Course in Koh Tao

Start your diving experience here in Koh Tao for some of the best diving in Thailand, professional PADI Instructors and a lot of fun!

At FIFTY SIX DIVE we believe in doing things in style and our PADI Open Water Course is no exception. You’ll spend have plenty of time with your professional PADI Instructor, meet people from around the world and have a lot of fun.

During your PADI Open Water Course in Koh Tao, you’ll make 4 dives in the ocean. Koh Tao’s phenomenal coral reefs are home to a myriad of marine life and the vibrant corals are simply bursting with colour. We want to give you the best Thailand diving experience and there is no better way to explore these incredible reefs than with a PADI qualified FIFTY56SIX Instructor by your side.

At FIFTY SIX DIVE we believe in keeping our classes small (maximum of 4 students to an Instructor) so you have plenty of time with your instructor and don’t feel rushed. Our PADI Instructors are all experienced professionals and are as passionate about teaching as they are about diving.

To allow you to progress and learn the theory at your own pace you also have the option to study from home with PADI eLearning before you arrive – meaning less time in the classroom on your holiday in Thailand!

What is the PADI Open Water Diver Course?

The PADI Open Water Course is a lifelong internationally recognised scuba diving certification, which allows you to dive up to a depth of 18 meters. During your PADI Open Water Course with us you’ll learn how to become a safe, competent, and confident diver. When you complete your PADI Open Water Course you’ll be ready to dive anywhere in the world and you’ll be among millions of other divers who made the same choice as you – to become PADI Open Water Divers!

Who Can Take the PADI Open Water Diver Course?

You do not need to have any previous diving experience. The PADI Open Water Course is designed for beginners. You need to be a minimum of 10 years old and be in good general health. You should be able to swim 200 meters (no time limit and in any style or combination of styles you choose) and be comfortable in the water – that’s all!

Travelling with Children?

Learning to dive as a family is an incredible experience which will bring you together as you create memories that will last a lifetime. Once you are all certified Open Water Divers you’ll be able to embark on future dive travel adventures together all around the world! The Open Water Course is also a great way to build your children’s confidence, communication skills and develop responsibility for each other – and for you too!

What Does The PADI Open Water Diver Course at FIFTY SIX DIVE Involve?

The PADI Open Water Course is divided into 3 components (1) Knowledge Development, (2) Confined Water Dives and (3) Open Water Dives, as follows:

Knowledge Development: This is where you learn about the theory of diving, diving equipment, different marine environments, dive safety, and the effect of diving on the human body. We divide your knowledge development up into bite size pieces – you are on holiday!

Confined Water Dives: These are sessions in the swimming pool so you can practice the skills you have been learning about in a safe and controlled environment. Your instructor will give you step-by-step instructions as well as demonstrations. You’ll have a lot of fun and feel confident about making your open water dives at Koh Tao’s best dive sites.

Open Water Dives: This is what it is all about! The PADI Open Water course involves 4 ocean dives and we’ll take you to some of Thailand’s best known diving spots! These dives take place on the last two days of your course (2 dives on each day).

How much does it cost to learn to dive in Thailand?

The scuba diving in Thailand is not only among the best in the world – it’s also one of the most affordable destinations when it comes to learning to dive. Our PADI Open Water Courses start from just THB 10,000 and include:

  • PADI Open Water Diver Manual

  • Rental of all scuba equipment (including dive computer)

  • PADI Certification

  • FREE pick up from Pier upon arrival to Koh Tao

  • Amazing dive shop location

  • Free WIFI at the dive centre​

  • Tea/coffee/water and fresh pineapple on the boat

Are you planning to stay a while in Koh Tao? Why not add on some more incredible dives for fun after you get certified? There’s a whole lot more underwater just waiting to be explored!

To book your place on the PADI Open Water Course or for more information, contact us by email on: or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

We look forward to welcoming you to diving in Koh Tao soon!

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